Smoked to the Bone - 2013

As had been our custom, we kicked on the new season with a local competition here in Ottawa, Smoked to the Bone in May. This year, we added a big truck to the lineup, and more importantly a new sponsor. Capital Appliance and BBQ has been a huge supporter of ours over the years and for this season we formalized a sponsorship arrangement which help us immensely. This saw our trailer get adorned with the Eatapedia Logos and well as logos. Capital is Ottawa's largest and most diverse BBQ store, the standard. And we couldn't have been more proud of our association.

The weather this year cold. And I mean, COLD. Winter coats, liners, toques...the whole nine yards.

Our meats fared well, and we were 2 points away from Grand Champions! Pistol Packin Piggies won the event though, and we were so happy for them. We also did another People's Choice after the Main Event, and we took First Place!

As an added bonus, after the regular 4 meat competition, I teamed up with Brad Rohrig from the Pistol Packin Piggies and we did our first Whole Hog together for a separate event. That was pretty cool. Even though we were both exhausted from trying to kick each other' butts the day before, we rocked that Whole Hog. It was so dang good, and we won!

I was pretty tired when it was all over and done with, but it was a memorable weekend.

They only call to 3rd place for some reason, so the only actual call we got was for the People's Choice win and the Whole Hog win, but we still did very well in the 4 meats.
6th Place Chicken
8th Place Ribs
4th Place Pork
7th Place Brisket
3rd Place Overall (Reserve Reserve Grand Champions)
1st Place People's Choice
1st Place Whole Hog

My camera ran out of juice so we don't have a lot of pics of the Awards Ceremony.