Oinktoberfest - 2013

Oinktoberfest, The Revengening.

Last year, we imploded. Disqualified in chicken, no calls and Dead A** Last overall.

I was determined. That would NOT happen again. I practiced my tail off, prepared like one with OCD. Left nothing to chance. This was to be our biggest comp yet with 71 teams.

It was cold and wet and muddy, but we had a good cook and caught 2 calls! One for 1st Place Ribs! I was very happy and a little relieved. ;-)

In fact this was a special win, since 1st Place in all 4 meat categories went to Canadian teams! Pistol Packin Piggies took Pork, Fatty Mac took Chicken and Q'n Canucks rules Brisket!

Due to the weather and the fact that my team was quite small, I have very few photos...

1st Place Ribs
8th Place Brisket
6th Place Overall

A great way to end the season....except my season wasn't quite over yet. I was extremely fortunate to be invited to join Fatty Mac for their trip to the American Royal, and Pistol Packin Piggies asked me to join them for their trip to The Jack!