I Love BBQ Festival - 2013

Back to Lake Placid! Met a bunch more great teams from all over the place and again I brought my family for a mini-vacation. We arrived a couple days early and we able to participate in some of the event I saw the year before.

We participated in a Peoples Choice for Pork (where we took 2nd Place), and we were able to celebrate Independence Day in the USA. This was a big thrill for me. The kids got to see the 4th of July parade and had a blast. Last year, we spent Canada Day in Lake Placid, sot his was Even Stevens for me. ;-)

We caught another KCBS 1st Place call! This time for Ribs! Super elated over that one! I donked my brisket thought, 2nd last on that one. I don't know why I try new things on site, I know better!!!

The family had a great vacation, met lots of new friends from Long Island and from New Haven, CT.

The people are what make all the difference in BBQ and what keeps me going back for more...I love BBQ people!


1st Place Ribs
9th Place Pork