With Oinktoberfest (remember our Waterloo from the year before? I did.) fast approach I wanted to squeak in one more competition to be sure I was ready. Not 2 hours from my hours is Brossard, just south of Montreal, and the guys from BBQ Quebec were hosting their first ever comp. I wanted to support them, so off I went. This time, I was completely alone.

It was a very well run event, top notch. We were treated very well, all the way around. Again, met more great new folks and enjoyed some laughs with my friends the Pistol Packin Piggies, Smokin Boys and Hot Grills, Blackstrap BBQ and many more. Also, there was an amateur comp on the same day, so I finally got to spend some time chatting with those great teams like MeatVentures, Rope a Dope, Sibling Rivalry, Uncle many great upcoming new teams.

I had a solid cook and I felt really good about all my turn ins. They also threw us a curve and had an instant Peoples Choice. So, I ended up turning in 8 boxes instead of 4! Alone! It was all well worth it though.

3rd Place Chicken
1st Place Ribs
3rd Place Pork
5th Place Brisket
3rd Place Overall (Reserve Reserve Grand Champions)