American BBQ Championships

Competition #8, and the team was burnt out. However, I was not. We were hot and I didn't want to stop. I want to chase the points in the Empire State Circuit and was hoping to finish in the Top 10 of all New York State, so back at it we went. This time, my team-mate was much better looking though: I brought my wife. :-) We had a sitter for the kids and Shona and I drove down to Syracuse for this small, but really fun event.

It was co-located with the Empire Craft Brewfest. Beer. And we had a pass to help ourselves! Butm we were there to cook, not to party. We had a few and then went back to camp to start our cook.

New friends: Fatt Sven BBQ!

The only problem with the event was that it was right downtown. Where there were plenty of drunks and other undesirables wandering around. I had two questionable folks wake me up my yelling "HEY, YO! YOU GOT BBQ FOR ME!?". It was a rough night, but we pulled though. I had a blast cooking with my wife, and I hope to cook with her again one day.

3rd Place Chicken
9th Place Ribs
4th Place Pork
7th Place Brisket
5th Place Overall