First Annual Romantic Fireplaces & BBQs Barbeque Championship

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One day, not long after our July 4th wins at the US Ambassador's Residence, I received an interesting call from our friend, Mike Pilon, Owner of Romantic Fireplaces and BBQs. You see, Mike is a BIG supporter of BBQ. He is one of the most passionate BBQ people I have met, and we can sit and talk BBQ till the cows come home.

Team Canada Wins International July 4th BBQ Competition

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Wow. Just wow. This incredible weekend started with us arriving at the Residence of the Ambassador to the United States, David Jacobson, on Saturday morning. The sun was shining and the forecast was calling for more of the same for the next few days. We saw some tents, and started making our way over to set up camp. The American and Canadian teams were each to share a single 20x20 tent.

BBQ Sausage Appetizers

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Today in Ottawa, Canada, the temperature was a balmy 25c (77 F) degrees, the sky was clear, and the weekend is here. Since I have 3 children and live in the 'burbs, weekends almost always include one thing: Birthday Parties. You kids will be hosting, or attending, but there are always Birthday parties. This weekend, we are hosting one, so I get to BBQ!!! This is what I call "A silver lining on a dark cloud of tearful screaming".

Making Sausage

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Both Firlotte and I have been talking about trying out some quick and easy sausage and our approach is very simple: Mix ground meat and seasonings. Roll it up and wrap it in plastic cling wrap. Parboil it for a few minutes until the meat sets and then grill them! You have the shape of the sausage, in a form that holds together, but without having to stuff casings.

Spam Spam Bacon Spam Brown Sugar Spam Chipotle Spam Spam

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Why not? I read about this when I was researching tips and tricks for my new Weber Smoky Mountain smoker. One such article from hogwildbbq was intriguing, with a few photos and some good comments, so I thought, "Why the heck not?". Today, for the first time in forever, I bought a can of spam. You know what? It ain't cheap! The can was pushing $4!